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Set in an imagined Scandanavian empire, Berri Gordosgirl is a jaded bartender without hope or friends. When a strange woman comes to the merchant town of Halfawaise to set up shop as a Healer, Berri is surprised to find herself at the center of political intrigue - and when she stumbles upon a local man who's been attacked by a vampyre, she is consumed by the mystery of who Daphne Healer is, and why she's really come to town.


In Beauty's Veins is a tale of surviving the dark, friendship after betrayal, and forgiveness of the unforgiveable.


Available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

The Wright sisters felt like the world was over when their family fell apart. Before they could recover, magic returns to the world, and everything goes to hell. Unleashed is the story of sisters  separated by old wounds and circumstance in a world consumed by fear and death.


First draft complete - estimated publication Winter 2016



In Beauty's Veins - available on Amazon!


Unleashed - outlined and in progress


Styx and Stones - outline in progress


Quirks - brainstorming


Markings - outline and research in progress

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