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Writing is one of the many impressive side-effects of K. Starling's vivid internal fantasy life. She began writing in her very early years as a way to beg for attention and adoration from others, and ultimately continued because she enjoyed the masturbatory act of reading and rereading her own delicious scribblings.  In addition, her long-suffering sister, Meghan, had outgrown playing Barbies with her and so she was in desperate need of a captive audience - she discovered that paper and computers are less likely to escape than younger sisters.


Starling developed a fascination with modes of expression and learned just enough of several foreign languages to sound impressive to the uninitiated. Relying on her superficial research, she began developing imaginary universes in order to play god with her characters. When she is not writing, she is chasing her two cats - Momo and Aunt Prudence - and rabbit - Baobei - around her Madison, Wisconsin home and, to the endless delight of her neighbors, singing raucously in the shower. 

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